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PON+CATV EDFA,Pass HUAWEI integration docking testing.
Time: 2014-01-07 22:44:23     Copyfrom: From HUAWEI official website

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       The three into one equipment design project of Hangzhou Fullwell Optoelectronic Equipment Co.,Ltd. has pass the testing of informatization and docking of smart hotel scheme though HUAWEI Laboratory of enterprise solutions, good match with HUAWEI smart hotel solution.

       The next decade, hotel market development is digitization and intelligentize increasingly. Offer stable, safe, convenient and applicative broadband and network service is a important standard to measure the hotel service quality.

       Offer three into one network equipment for HUAWEI, build smart hotel solution together:

HUAWEI lay on his industry leading ICT solution, integrate wired and wireless and IP, adopt passive optical network scheme, put the hotel voice,broad access, video meeting together, offer a stable, convenient, safe and easy maintain network solution for modern hotel, meantime,depend on series products and point to point solution, bring more high efficiency service, not only save customer investment cost, but also keep a good business extensibility. FULLWELL depend on the industry leading three into one equipment and scheme, push out industry leading and professional solution, help starred hotel informationization process.

     Through both side smart hotel solution, on the one hand, offer a timely, exact, reliable, classified’s voice,data, internet and etc diversification and high quality hotel telecom service products, on the other hand, through integrate hotel itself management process and information system, improve hotel management efficiency and quality effectively, improve integral hotel service quality.

     Smart hotel solution network as below:

The design idea of smart hotel solution is use a integrate IP network instead many detached network systems of hotel, and offer the service of broadband access, wireless coverage, voice, network safety, IP video monitoring. Reduce running cost, improve running efficiency.

     The three into one equipment and scheme from Hangzhou Fullwell Optoelectronic Equipment Co.,Ltd as below:

     Hangzhou Fullwell Optoelectronic Equipment Co.,Ltd offer her three into one equipment and scheme, including optical transmitter, high power EDFA combiner, partial wave receiver; HUAWEI offer the relevant ICT equipment, such as OLT, ONU, switch, router, WLAN and etc.

     This scheme realized all optical, move, easy deploy, maintenance-free’s hotel high speed broadband insert, Support PC, portable, smart moble phone, PAD and etc perfectly.wire and wireless integration,  realized together IP voice business, high speed data business, TV business(including satellite, high definition broadcast TV, VOD and etc.) this scheme offers:

(1) RF TV signal and OLT PON signal overlay from combiner, one fiber carry all business, infantry simple, reduce infantry cost.

(2) data, HDTV business isolate by different wavelength, the upper data business adopt 1310nm wavelength, adopt 1490nm wavelength as floor.HDTV(satellite, broadcast TV,VOD) adopt 1550nm wavelength.

(3) passive optical component, supply-free and maintenance-free

(4) passive optical component, not easy disturb by external environment, low failure rate, improve hotel management efficiency and management quality, service quality for hotel customer.

Please contact with local dealer or office if you want to buy relevant equipment, thank you!

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KEYWORD:PON+CATV EDFA Pass HUAWEI integration docking testing. 

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