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Outdoor 4way AGC optical receiver(FWR-8640FG)
Outdoor optic receiver,Outdoor optical node,Output Level:102~104dBμV
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    FWR-8640FG receiver is a four independent output ports AGC optical receiver, with beautiful house, excellent performance and high output level which can achieve FTTB/FTTC network. The optical node can been added the return path transmitter module (optional), which can achieve network four-ways network upgrade which is optical product for big cities build modern HFC network. Besides, it has network management system which enables distant monitoring and managing (optional).  60VAC or 220VAC power module is optional.



    High-quality, ice-flower paint aluminum housing
    GaAs circuit allows low power optical input
    Four LEDs indicate status of optical input power and power supply
    Accurate 1V/1mw optical detection pot 
    Adjustable attenuator and equalizer (0~20dB) in forward path
    Separate AC port, two or four outputs
    Changeable tap or splitter output
    Optical fiber connector adapter is designed in the PCB; the entrance is at the bottom of the housing
    High quality aluminum upper cover
    Modular reverse-path optical transmitter
     Reverse-path test port

    wave length


    optical input power


    optical return loss



    FC/APC or SC/APC



    47(65)—862 MHz



    RF input level


    Return loss


    output impedance



    ≥51dB(note 1)


    >65dB (note 1)


    >60dB(note 1)

    FWR-8640FG ,four way outputs, AGC.

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